by Alex Seibel

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Random Pendragon very often it takes an artist 2 or 3 releases to get anywhere near this level of cohesiveness and depth. with Alex, it seems, one was enough. Favorite track: Will we ever meet again?.


I'm just starting to think serious about music and this is my first take on a small album which is more like a compilation of some tracks i wrote and a showcase of music making skills so far. I did wanted to achieve a specific feel throughout the album but i don't really know how it turned out.

Hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for giving it a listen.
I know I still have a lot to improve and to learn so feel free to contact me and help me to continue doing what I like to do.

Special thanks to everyone involved and everyone who helped in any way.

Love you

Edit (december 2016):
All of the songs on here were slightly remastered and uploaded on my old songs #01 album


released May 29, 2016

Alex Seibel - Untitled
All the cover art, writing, singing, recording, mixing and mastering done by Alex Seibel



Alex Seibel Germany

i try to make music and stuff because i'm shit at expressing emotions otherwise

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