old songs #01

by Alex Seibel

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every finished song i made in 2016 that is not in the "not about you" ep or the "sway and decay" ep or from my other alias (kyoro) where i make cute anime themed electronic music

i don't like anything i made and my singing is terrible, i hope next year will be better

special thanks for supporting and inspiring me through your art or just your existence and also for just being friends with me and making my life less miserable, eventhough i sadly might not talk with some of you that much anymore:
lisa, lea, mike, julia, kyle, patrick, enna, rita, caleb(@fllunt), breanna, vicky, nele, sonja, david, luise, erika, laura


released December 16, 2016

everything made and written and sung by me
if i sampled anything, it's in the track info
album cover was taken by my friend mike (thank)



all rights reserved


Alex Seibel Germany

i try to make music and stuff because i'm shit at expressing emotions otherwise

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Track Name: waiting for nothing
I just wanted to ask if you really exist,
if those sleepless nights and those pictures are real,
if you really have those shirts I left at your place.

Do you still want a turtle and do you still like your bands,
Do you still don't talk about your problems,
Are you still tired of the walls of text I used to send to you,
And are you still tired of my apologies.
Track Name: If we don't talk again, remember I love you
the sun was as bright and as warm as your smile these days,
sitting in the park behind the house you lived in,
and we would watch the clouds as they go by and form all kind of shapes,
we would just sit quietly,
and enjoy not being lonely,
these days i will keep thinking about forever
and never regret the time we were still together

and i know, i will always forgive you and i will always adore you even with your hands around my neck x2
Track Name: yeah
the sample is from the song "give it to me" by the suttons
Track Name: garbage truck please take me with you
i was writing some songs yesterday
i wanted to record them today
but then i somehow broke my phone
and every single thing i had written down is gone
i am tired and i am bored and i don't know what to do
i guess i'll just write a song about it
and go to sleep afterwards
Track Name: Buried in snow
so distant, so lonely
so pathetic, she was the only one

my body feels heavy, my batteries low
death will come soon, i'm buried in snow

i swear i gave my best so please let me rest

i can't keep this up because i am a mess

because i'm a mess

don't take me serious i don't want to hurt you

i don't want to hurt you

i don't want to hurt you anymore
Track Name: sweetheart
i feel so far away
so far away from everything
no life in sight
it feels like i've stopped breathing
a life time ago
a life time ago
a life time ago
a life time ago

so often, you had to tell me it's not my fault
i'm sorry, i gave my best but it wasn't enough
some mistakes aren't easy to forgive
i know nothing but how much i'll always love you
Track Name: Miserable at best
"Once we were so close
but now we're so far away"
it's another one of these songs

that one line gets me every time
seems to be stuck in my head for a lifetime

you were my home that burned down because
i wasn't careful enough
and now i'm tired of crying myself to sleep every night
because i forgot how it feels to be home

and i won't know what it feels like ever again
ever again
ever again
Track Name: I'm sorry
i'm so fucking stupid
i wonder how many times i accidentaly called someone your name

oh i don't know how to forget you
but i know i'm the one to blame

i wish
i could get you to understand
that you're okay the way you are

i wish
i could get you to understand
that you're cute the way you are
and you don't have to push yourself so hard

i'm sorry if i don't get you
you know i'm really bad at seeing the most obvious things

i'm sorry if i made you mad, made you sad
you know i didn't mean it that way
Track Name: Sleep
i had a dream last night
you were in my arms and cried

i felt your hands grabbing my shirt
so we wouldn't drown in the sea of people

your eyes so shy and peaceful
alive, and you were my reason

sometimes i am wondering if we are looking at the same clouds
because you don't seem like a person that would always look down
if you're ever gonna hear this please tell me if i'm wrong
i have been thinking about this for way too long
so i wrote this little song
Track Name: i'll be waiting
you are so cute
you make me wanna die
i'm sure this fluffy feeling in my chest
is gonna end up as my last breath
i love how bright your smile and eyes shine
i fuck up at times but in the end everything is fine
and every night
i will picture that smile
and i'll be happy cuz i know you are fine

i don't wanna believe that you ever did anything wrong
you are the place i will always belong
you're an ocean so beautiful it's hard not to drown
please give me a call i'd love to drown in your sound
Track Name: we're fighting again (flatsound cover)
We're fighting again
More than usual
Try and pretend
That this is normal

But it isn't right, the damage that we do to your body
All those scratches on your little arms are spelling
"I'm sorry about being me
A skinny, less perfect Oprah Winfrey"

I'll sleep on the couch
Just say when
Bring me a cat
To be my best friend

Cause it isn't like you ever said that you were committed
To the thought of me and only me when he hasn't written you
In seven weeks
That's when I come in

And it isn't like you ever said that I was your hobby
I can't believe I spent all morning trying to tell you I'm sorry
About yesterday
When you would have done the same

I grow you like my hair
I cut you off when I get scared
If everyone in class stares
You don't care, you don't care

I grow you like my hair
I cut you off when I get scared
If everyone in class stares
You don't care, you don't care

I grow you like my hair
I cut you off when I get scared
If everyone in class stares
You don't care, you don't care
Track Name: I've given up on you (real friends cover)
You used to make me feel like I could walk on water
Now most nights I'm just sinking down and down

You're the reason why I can't listen to the same songs I used to

I write songs about you all the time
I bet I don't run through your mind

I've given up on you
But it still hurts to know you're not alone
Don't worry
I'll keep out of your life and stay awake at night

It's 4am and you're keeping me from closing these sleepy eyes
Does the thought of me keep you up at night?
Like the light on the ceiling of your bedroom
Lately, my dog's the only one around that listens to my problems